Rosacea and Sensitive Skin

Anyone with rosacea knows how frustrating it is and how few good treatment options there are.  I’ve long been treating my rosacea clients with 302 skincare recommendations with great results.  I developed my recommendations based on what worked for many of my rosacea clients. I’ve never found a skin care product that was even remotely as effective as 302skincare.

Whether your rosacea is active or in remission, your skin is still sensitive and needs carefully selected skin care to prevent rosacea flair ups.  Some skin care products can actually help control rosacea but a lot of other products aggravate and trigger it. Knowing what to use on your skin and what to avoid it takes knowledge and experience. Almost anyone can get rosacea, but those affected most often are lighter skin women who flush or blush easily. Men are less likely to have rosacea, but when they do, they have more noticeable problems, including swollen bumps along the nose called rhinophyma. In every case, the right combination of gentle skin-care products along with right treatments can keep rosacea under control and stop it from becoming worse. My approached to rosacea are individualized, providing you with the most effective program of care for your unique situation.

Wondering If You Have Rosacea?

Here are the signs to look for:

 red flushing over the cheeks and nose

consistent, though random, and often extreme skin sensitivity

acne-like bumps (but the bumps are not acne) with underlying diffuse redness

blemishes resembling acne

flaky skin, sometimes accompanied by oily skin

visible tiny blood vessels that may become more noticeable over time

other concerns, which can still be present: dry skin, wrinkles, sun damage, and skin discolorations

Before and After Treatment

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Skin Treatment Approach

OsmosisMDIn order to fully appreciate what these products can achieve for you, it is important to understand that our skin functions within a process dictated by nature.  OsmosisMD products have been developed to produce their amazing results via an integrated system that works in harmony with nature.  It is the science of this natural process that provides the foundation of the formulation and functioning of OsmosisMD. So that rather than products that simply treat the skin’s surface with aggressive topicals that force nature and force temporary change, OsmosisMD products are formulated to assist and support nature’s scientific process, products that transform damaged, aging, injured skin into healed, moist, beautiful skin.  The scientific approach behind OsmosisMD recognizes that healing and transformative results require that the skin must be replenished, restored and repaired at the deeper skin cells.  However, these products provide more than that.  The organic and anti-oxidant ingredient formulation of OsmosisMD also gently replenishes, restores and repairs the surface skin cells.  What this means for you is that the products have a simultaneous dual action  – one that transforms your deeper cells where real change is required, but also one that very quickly and visibly transforms your surface cells for brighter, clearer, smoother, healthier skin.

Customize Ultrasound-Galvanic Treatment for Ultra-Sensitive skin / Rosacea with Lymph Drainage

This treatment is designed for clients for addressing visible sign of rosacea, dermatitis, facial irritation or those who have particularly sensitive skin. An immediate reduction and relief facial.
A high value procedure to reduce blotches: an effective alternative to expensive photo-facials by medical lasers.

Rosacea facial is designed to do the following:

decrease flushing, redness and blotchiness
reduce of dilated facial blood vessels
reduce inflammatory papules and pustules (blemishes that can accompany rosacea)
calm and clear your uneven complexion without irritation to inflamed skin regions
produce a more balanced and even skin appearance

Rosacea can be effectively managed in many ways through the right combination of skin care products, Ultrasound Treatments and Galvanic Iontophoresis Therapy. Galvanic Iontophoresis, an extremely gentle and safe electric current, can greatly reduce redness in a single session through the improved absorption of serums that strengthen and protect the skin’s immune function, and by constricting blood capillaries. US Treatment offers visible and lasting solution for rosacea, dermatitis and sensitive skin, which rapidly rebuild weak epidermis depleted by inflammation. This treatment helps stabilize and renormalize the look of inflamed skin. Provides visible relief and moisturizing effects to irritated rosacea skin. Helps establish an intact skin barrier, visibly free of irritation and inflammation by renormalizing sebaceous gland activity and calming the appearance of inflamed and bacteria susceptible skin through improved metabolism and cell formation. This natural approach to rosacea will truly give long-lasting benefits in addition to making you feel better instantly.
A series of three or four treatments space one or two weeks apart will give best results.

For more information about Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation click here.
80 minutes session $148

Triple-Treatment Oxygen Facial


Acne Rosacea, Facial redness, Eczema, Psoriasis, Active Acne,  Thread Veins, Smoker’s Skin, Pre & Post Facial Surgery

The Triple-Treatment Oxygen Facial is suitable for all skin types or colour. It is particularly beneficial for treating rosacea, acne rosacea sun damaged skin, and Telangiectasia (small visible blood vessels on the skin), therefore suitable for treating highly sensitive skin.

The quick and comfortable treatment is anti-inflammatory, increases skin function, stimulates fibroblast, and decreases erythema leaving skin looking clear and luminous. The oxygen plasma solution made with a fabulously complex carbon molecule which “mimics” the blood’s ability to carry oxygen and biologically active substances into the cells. It transports huge volumes of oxygen into tissues, accelerating regeneration of skin cells. It makes an extremely suitable rosacea treatment as it targets the redness and inflammation associated with rosacea. The addition of a skin lightening agent and vaso-constricting capabilities instantly reduces the effects of rosacea, and small visible blood vessels.

Both Rosacea and Sensitive skin are the result of inflammation and it is critical to use ingredients that repair and calm the skin to it’s healthy look. The Triple-Treatment Oxygen Facial is performed once a week for four weeks using oxygen plasma and LED lights.

Action to the skin:
healing and nourishing
kills the bacteria involved in acne rosacea
detoxifies skin
rehydrates dry skin
increases skin function-healthier skin
decreases erythema, facial redness
produce a more balanced and even skin appearance
stimulates collagen production
ideal after laser treatments


Package Price when pre-booked and pre-paid
75 min $135
Package of 4 – $460

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