New Client Acne Consultation

We will take appx. 45 minutes to do a general evaluation of your skin, go over skin history, and talk about your skin care goals and concerns.

At that time we can discuss long or short term treatment options and outcome expectations. Your commitment to your acne treatment program will determine your results.

It is expected that you will come in for treatment every two weeks for 8 weeks. Expect to make dietary changes to manage your acne.

You may choose to book just the consultation to get started, or you may choose to book the consultation with a skin treatment.

If you book a skin treatment with your initial consultation at the same day the consultation fee will be waived. You will be given a first time skin treatment costing $170, unless we determine that antibacterial LED Light Therapy is necessary.

Acne treatment is a long term commitment of weekly or bi-weekly treatments in order to clear your skin. Be prepared to make a commitment to lifestyle changes, dietary changes, and your skin’s health.

Expect to purchase your first set of acne products from us at your first appointment, in addition to your skin treatment costs.

You must use OUR acne products.

45minutes $50 or fee waived with paid skin treatment

Please read more about our Acne-Clearing program by clicking here

Enjoy a Lifetime of Skin Health and Beauty

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