New Client Acne Consultation

We will take appx. 45 minutes to do a general evaluation of your skin, go over skin history, and talk about your skin care goals and concerns.

At that time we can discuss long or short term treatment options and outcome expectations. Your commitment to your acne treatment program will determine your results.

Our Acne Treatment enhances epidermal balance, helps shrink large pores and rapidly improves the skin’s appearance and texture. It helps to fight pimples, clear blackheads, loosen cysts and reduce dark spots. It also erases mild to moderate acne scars.

You may choose to book just the consultation to get started, or you may choose to book the consultation with a skin treatment.

An acne assessment begins with a questionnaire that will capture your relevant  medical history. We will be taking pictures of the effective eras so that we can identify signs of improvement during future visits. 

We recommend herbs and supplements to help re-balance the body from the inside out. We educate you on the lifestyle habits and choices that aggravate acne- food, birth control pills (they do not always help acne), medications, prescriptions, and stress. Please be prepared to make a commitment to lifestyle changes. If you do, you will see results.

Acne treatment is a long term commitment of weekly or bi-weekly 

Expect to purchase your first set of acne products from us at your first appointment, in addition to your skin treatment costs. You must use OUR acne products.

                                                                                                    Please read more about our Acne-Clearing program by clicking here

Enjoy a Lifetime of Skin Health and Beauty

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