I’d like to offer a “New Face” on the subject of skin peels – of course I’m speaking of the Green Peel®

All of us are probably well acquainted with the theory everywhere marketed in recent years that one of the most popular approaches to skin brightening and renewal has been through the application to the skin of synthetics and acids of various strengths. The acids themselves are very inexpensive and so can be very appealing means for an attractive return for practitioners and for clients seeking a quick and brighter look to the skin. However, we at Essence of Beauty are aware that the most advance science regarding skincare indicates that there are healthier, more holistic and more successful approaches to skin renewal that do not rely on chemicals or the damaging effects of acids.

In fact, the best science in the field tells us that in practice, the too frequent use of acids sets up a problematic domino effect that is not only difficult for clients to break but results in the opposite of their intended purpose – that is, acids weaken the cellular structure of the skin thereby speeding the aging process. We doubt you want to accelerate the speed at which your skin ages and we at Essence of Beauty most certainly don’t want that for you either. What we want to offer you are treatments and products that support the principal philosophy of our spa – that here is where Health meets Beauty.

Herbal Green Peel® – Brighter, Fresher, Smoother, Rejuvenated Appearance

In keeping with our philosophy, the Green Peel® offers you an opportunity to experience all the benefits of skin refreshment, skin renewal, skin brightening, and skin treatments that are often associated with acids “BUT” without the very questionable immediate and longer-terms disadvantage. So you see, the Green Peel® is not only truly green in colour but naturally “Green” in its ingredients, in what it can treat and in its benefits as well.

Green Peel® – Ingredients

Aptly named, the GREEN PEEL® is an herbal formulation composed of natural active substances such as vitamins, plant hormones, enzymes, mineral salts, various dried flowers, sea weeds sand other beneficial ingredients. Not an acid anywhere and you’ll hear no tell-tale sizzle of cooking skin with our Green Peel®.

Before and After Pictures

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Green Peel® Advantages

  • A safe, reliable, clinically tested and unique acid free resurfacing method of skin renewal that has been used for over 35 years in over 40 countries in over 2,000 cosmetics institutes in Germany alone
  • Improves skin colour through intensified blood circulation
  • Promotion of faster cell regeneration
  • Stimulation of the body’s collagen which leads to…
  • Improves texture, firmness, flattening of wrinkles….
  • Reduction and often complete clearing of acne … and
  • Smoothing and softening of facial and body scars…
  • No toxic or negative side effects
  • No injury or damage to the skin at the dermal level, and
  • Minimal or no interruption of professional or social obligations

Herbal Green Peel® Treatment Results in the Following:

  • Large pored skin, oily skin, skin impurities, different forms of acne
  • Signs of premature aging, wrinkles and sagging facial contours
  • Sun damaged skin, uneven skin, some forms of hyper-pigmentation
  • Scars caused by acne, burns and surgery
  • Stretch marks, cellulite
  • Skin issues on the body including tummy, upper arms and thighs
  • Prophylactic anti-aging treatment, aging hands

Our clients report wonderful results for their Green Peel® treatments – for example the skin is remarkably firmer, brighter, smoother, pores smaller, damaged capillaries experience significant fading from the increased circulation in the skin. We have found for many, three treatments spaced a month to six weeks a part produce the best results. This provides the correct time frame for skin cells to rejuvenate and then respond optimally to the next treatment, producing a completely fresh, glowing, rejuvenated skin.

Continuing with regular Ultrasonic Facial Treatments will lengthen the effectiveness of your wonderfully refreshed Green Peel® “new face”. Combining these treatments ensures your skin experiences a refreshed, healthy and effective means of immediate rejuvenation that continues to stimulate your skin cells for a long time. And they do so without any of the damaging and aging effect of regular acid use. Green Peel® and our Ultrasound Facials are ideal for all skins.

The famous Green Peel Herbal Peeling treatment by Dr. Christine Schrammek

Green Peel® was developed by Dr. Christine Schrammek in association with doctors, scientists and skincare specialists nearly 40 years ago and has proven to be a successful biological peeling treatment around the world for a variety of skin issues.

Small herb particles polish the surface layers of the skin creating a slight burning sensation similar to a mild sunburn and reddened skin. Following the treatment, you are given clear instructions regarding the use of special products and post treatment skin care. Within three to four days, the skin begins peeling away revealing a new, refreshed skin.

Total price of your skin renewing Green Peel® treatment is $399.00 

Package Price when pre-booked and pre-paid
single treatment $299
3  for $897

Green Peel® is a safe herbal, non-chemical approach to a refreshed you. Combined with an Ultrasonic Facials and products specially recommended by your skin specialist, you can look forward to a brighter, firmer, clearer, rejuvenated skin without any of the damaging results inherent in acid based procedures – all of this in five days at the most.

Enjoy a Lifetime of Skin Health and Beauty

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