No matter how old you are, acne is always aggravating. But for teenagers, who already have to deal with the heaping amount of stressors that is everyday life at that age, things are only made worse when acne is added to their list of problems. When this happens and the skin becomes inflamed and uncomfortable, it can be hard for teens to go about their routines with the confidence that a young person with their whole lives ahead of them should have.

Treating this skin condition-because, yes, acne is a skin condition can be a long process of creams, gels, washes, scrubs, masks and dermatologist visits that make us want to throw our hands up in the air in frustration. This is especially true for teenage boys who deal with acne, for whom it can be especially difficult to find a fast solution to their skin woes.

The skin care advice below is aimed at helping teenage acne skin issue as effectively as possible.


What are the unique challenges that boys with acne have to cope with?

When a boy wakes up to find his face or body covered in the acne breakouts so commonly associated with his age group, it can feel embarrassing for him to go about his daily life. It seems like talking about one’s skin issues is more commonly accepted when it’s girls talking about it, so many boys suffer in silence for a while even year. It’s not uncommon for boys dealing with acne to miss out on improved teenage acne treatment solutions or referrals for a quality dermatologist in the Ottawa area because of this.

Most of us weren’t known for being entirely confident with ourselves during our teen years, and that’s even if you don’t struggle with acne. For those that do, their confidence can take a harder hit, making them reluctant to participate in group events, or withdrawing into themselves instead of engaging socially.

Also, there’s no currently “socially acceptable” method for boys to hide their acne. Girls will use makeup oftentimes to conceal their skin problems until they can achieve clear skin without them, but boys don’t. So, they aren’t likely to be able to do much about the way the acne presents itself on their faces and bodies until the right acne treatment is found. And that can take a while.


What is the best way to treat acne in teens?

Boys and girls can usually use the same exact products to rid themselves of acne. The most effective over-the-counter and even prescription topical remedies contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or both.

Benzoyl peroxide treats acne by killing the bacteria that is growing inside of the skin’s pores. This bacterium, if left alone, can cause whiteheads, blackheads and sore inflammation.

Salicylic acid is a milder topical product when compared to benzoyl peroxide, and also serves the purpose of unclogging pores of bacteria that could cause acne.

A quality acne treatment plan will take into consideration the drying and irritation effects that can come from using these products, and combine them with a moisturizer that will help calm the skin of irritation.


Here are some unique tips to help boys get-and keep-clear skin.

As mentioned above, teenage boys face a few unique challenges when it comes to dealing with acne as effectively and as quickly as possible. Here are some tips that boys might find especially helpful in healing their skin of their acne woes:

  • Skip a shave every now and then. Shaving skin that is inflamed from acne only makes the acne beneath the hair even worse. If you suffer from acne where your facial hair is located, try shaving less often and applying a gentler hand when you do shave. Use a thin shaving cream when you feel that you must shave, in order to allow the blades to easily glide over the skin.
  • Mind your sports equipment. If a boy plays sports, equipment that comes into contact with their skin can cause added sweat to accumulate closely to the skin and clog pores. The clogging of pores causes pimples. Because of this it is especially important for them to remember to keep their clothing and equipment clean. When they hang up their gear for the day, they should cleanse their face with an acne treatment cleanser to rid their skin of excess dirt and oil.