Acne facials have been regarded as an effective treatment for acne. However, acne facials are not the ultimate cure since they will not clear all your acne. There must be a combination of factors that will lead to control and eventual clearing of acne. The mere application of acne facial masks is not enough. A facial for acne skin can be carried out using simple ingredients and in the simple setting of the bathroom, in a spa, or in the professional setting of the dermatologist’s office in Ottawa.

The professional acne facial is carried out by an aesthetician who kick-starts the process of cleansing the skin to get rid of impurities that may have blocked the pores. An extraction may be carried out to manually remove comedones which are blackheads and whiteheads as well as pustules. Both cleansing and extraction are critical methods of eliminating cellular waste and excess oil from the pores. A desincrustation solution is used during extraction to soften sebum and is mostly used for oily and congested skin. The cleansing can be carried out twice for the best results.

The aesthetician may also choose to use warm steam to fully open the pores on the skin. Besides the acne facial, a message can also be included as part of treatment. The products used during the process are chosen depending on the type of skin. Products that minimize oil secretion are used on oily skin whereas dry skin will require the use of hydrating solutions.

The major categories of acne facials are:

  • Professional acne facials: The professional acne facials are recommended for people who suffer from severe acne problems. For the professional acne facial, consult a dermatologist who will prescribe treatment. For the best results, it is advisable that both the dermatologist and aesthetician work in close contact.

The individual has the responsibility of continuing treatment without failure to get an acne-free skin. Never assume that there are no measures to take once the acne has disappeared.

  • Homemade acne facials: There are numerous ingredients commonly used in a home that can be used to prepare a homemade facial mask. Baking soda is a popular component used to cleanse skin and treat acne. Baking soda is effective in removing oil, dirt, toxins and other debris from the skin. Essence of Beauty recommends that the face must be cleaned properly before the application of baking soda paste made by mixing baking soda with water. The paste is applied to the face and allowed to dry for twenty minutes before rinsing with cool water.
  • A salt mask is made using 3-5 tablespoons of salt mixed in water a spoonful at a time. The mixture is then applied on acne spots and allowed to dry for 10-20 minutes. The face is then rinsed using warm water.
  • Yogurt and honey mask is made by missing plain yogurt with warm melted honey. The facial mask is proven to enhance the condition of your facial skin.

It will take a combination of efforts to completely resolve acne problems. If you wish to get started with acne facials, Essence of Beauty in Ottawa advises that you consider getting a bi-monthly or monthly professional facial and augmenting it with a weekly homemade acne facial for the best results.