Start Today with Acne Tips for Clearer Skin:

Six things you can do today to keep your acne from getting worse


1. Reduce swelling and inflammation in your skin as soon as possible after getting a pimple.
Ice helps inflamed lesions from getting worse and often can make them go away. Apply an ice cube directly to inflamed area for 2-5 minutes. Just be careful not to give yourself an ice burn!

2. Stop eating peanut butter, peanuts and/or peanut oil.
Peanuts contain a hormone that can make acne worse. If you love peanut butter, unsalted almond butter is a healthy alternative.

3. Stop using fabric softener in the washer AND the dryer (the softener sheets).
Fabric softener leaves a waxy residue on cloth. That wax gets on your skin and causes clogged pores. Fragrance free is not any better – the problem is the waxy residue. Not the fragrance.

4. Avoid foods & supplements containing Iodides & Biotin.
Iodides, found in the foods that you eat, irritate the follicle wall and cause break outs. Biotin has also recently been found to make acne worse. Make sure any vitamins you take do not contain iodides or biotin.

5. Start taking a Diindolylmethane supplement.
Research and our experience in the clinic has shown that this supplement (derived from broccoli) drastically reduces inflamed breakouts, usually within 2 weeks. I have found DIM Osmosis skin care to provide the most effective form of diindolymethane.

6. Start rejuvenate whole body and skin with Osmosis Holistic approach.
Through our research and testing, we have found the most challenging skin conditions can be linked to internal disruptions. Osmosis achieves remarkable success by restoring balance inside and out.

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