Acne scars: fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation from acne pimples

It doesn’t seem fair. Long after pimples have faded, dark red and brown acne “scars” remain. Before long, it looks like you have a face full of acne, when in reality you only have one or two pimples.

These red and brown marks of pigmentation left over from past acne—can wreak havoc on your self-esteem and make heavy-duty concealer a daily step in your makeup routine. Fortunately, these marks are not true acne scars, but post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, a type of pigmentation that is treatable by Acne Clinic in Essence of Beauty. True acne scars are atrophic or hypertrophic, meaning there is an addition or loss of skin tissue that is permanent. In contrast, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation affects only the coloring of the skin and is usually temporary. If only it could be even more temporary. These marks can hang on for several years unless they are addressed.

If you have both post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne, there several habits to get into now that will help you achieve perfectly clear, mark-free skin down the road.

Useful Tips for Cystic Acne

Reduce swelling and inflammation in your skin as soon as possible after getting a pimple.
The longer the inflammation remains on your skin, the greater the likelihood of getting a long-lasting red or brown mark. You can shorten the life of inflamed lesions by icing them for 2 minutes, up to 5 times per day. See what to do right now if you have a pimple guide for best results.

Avoid picking pimples and scabs!
If you care about leftover hyperpigmentation from acne, one of the best things you can do for your skin is avoid touching and picking at it. It’s nice to feel smooth skin, but not worth the long-term cost. By picking, you disrupt the skin’s natural healing process, and you may live with the consequences for years.

Wear sunscreen every day.
Sunscreen does not treat the hyperpigmentation so much as it prevents it from becoming worse.

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Chemical peels and daily exfoliation help you fade red and brown marks from acne faster. Your skin specialist at Acne Clinic Essence of Beauty can customize a protocol for you to speed dead skin cell turnover so you can enjoy a brighter, more even complexion. Pictures will be taken at each appointment so you will be able to see progress with your own eyes—no more guessing if something works or not.

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